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Welcome To The IU Website!

Welcome To The Innovation Underground website!  This is the place to come for information on all things IU.  From events and updates to milestones and new initiatives, the purpose of this website it to keep members and supporters of the Innovation Underground plugged-in.

The Home page is set up in a blogging format.  Not only does it boast great imagery of the Federal Building, the home of the Innovation Underground, but it also gives a quick snippet of our online resource for entrepreneurs and the most recent blog posts.

The online resource is a constantly accessible pool of quick and applicable information to help entrepreneurs improve their ventures.  Highlighting various subjects, the online resource may incorporate anything from articles, links to book summaries and important videos.

The Recent Blog Post section is where visitors to the Innovation Underground website can browse the most up-to-date news dealing with the IU.  These posts will cover recent events the IU team is involved in, IU functions, announcements, achievements, etc.  Again, welcome to the Innovation Underground website.  For more information, don’t forget to view the About page.

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