The IU Team

We are entrepreneurs working together to help small business work.

Jose Quintana

Jose is the President of Advent GX and the visionary behind the Innovation Underground.  A serial entrepreneur and consultant to clients from Disney to Novartis and including the States of California and Texas, Jose brings broad expertise, insight and genuine enthusiasm to every new project or idea.

Jennifer King

Jennifer is the Director of Operations at the Innovation Underground and works with the team to support all of our clients.  Jennifer has over thirty years experience in business management and customer service and is an experienced entrepreneur.


Marie Marchand

Marie graduated in Belgium with a Master’s Degree in Modern Languages and Literatures – Languages for Business Communication. As the Innovation Underground Manager Marie supports local and international entrepreneurs and assists with research, strategy development, business development, and project management. Additionally, Marie directs the SEAD Academy, an interdisciplinary educational program whose mission is to inspire students to become life-long self-learners. Marie loves meeting people and learning from their experience.


Joan Quintana

Joan is the Director of Marketing and Business Development at the Innovation Underground.  Besides consulting companies with her husband Jose, Joan brings a depth of experience having worked with entrepreneurs across a broad range of industries and at the local level with communities across Texas. Joan is passionate about economic development and working to support the entrepreneurs who keep communities growing.

Ruthie Strout

As Innovation Evangelist, Ruthie serves both Innovation Underground members and the community. She supports Innovation Underground members through research, marketing and project management. Additionally, Ruthie acts as a community liaison; promoting programs, giving tours and listening to great ideas. Ruthie is enthusiastic about outside-of-the-box ideas and the people that think them.