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Beautiful Opens New Group Home

It’s been over a quarter of a century since Phil Haas, founder of Beautiful Abilities, embarked on a journey of service that would ultimately lead him to found his ground-breaking non-profit. Beautiful Abilities’ goal is the same as the day Phil got started – to advocate for the intellectually disabled and provide them with opportunities once thought incompatible with their challenging situations. Phil and his team glean inspiration from the belief that “each person is created by God with beauty, value and purpose.”

It is this belief that motivates Phil to continue to tirelessly serve those with intellectual disabilities. According to Phil, “the name ‘Beautiful Abilities’ signifies the overall philosophy of achieving dreams by focusing on supporting abilities instead of a serving a disability.” In this way, Beautiful Abilities represents a radical contrast to the generally accepted ways of treating and interacting with people with disabilities. Haas and his team are aware of the very real challenges that intellectual disabilities pose, but instead choose to focus their attention on abilities rather than disabilities.

One way Beautiful Abilities encourages individuals to achieve their highest potential is through providing a one of a kind living situation. Beautiful Abilities’ group living homes give residents a high level of autonomy and puts them in a position to learn valuable life skills. By giving them a place to live in a community of peers, Beautiful Abilities creates an environment where “each individual is engaged, loved and appreciated for his or her God-given gifts.”

Recently Beautiful Abilities had the pleasure of dedicating their newest Home and Community Services (HCS) house in Bryan. The dedication marks a huge milestone in Beautiful Abilities’ mission to help individuals with intellectual disabilities reach their potential. What is most important about these communal living spaces is that they are “more than a house and a service – they are a home where each housemate becomes a part of an extended family.” In a world that routinely undervalues and disenfranchises individuals with disabilities, Haas and his team are giving those in HCS homes something invaluable – a place that is all their own; a place where they are recognized for what they can do instead of being stigmatized for what they can’t.

If you are interested in volunteering with Beautiful Abilities, visit their website to learn more.