Put Entrepreneurs to Work for Your Community

The Innovation Underground helps community leaders encourage entrepreneurship while revitalizing the community and mitigating risk.  For future IU locations, Advent GX will partner with communities to conduct needs assessments, select sites and manage operations.  The city provides facilities and funding while Advent GX brings and supports entrepreneurs at the Innovation Underground, all at a fraction of the cost of establishing a comparable facility with in-house staff.

Incubation Strategy

Determining how, where and when a business incubator can work in your community is the key to innovation-based job creation  Advent GX can help you evaluate options and identify the best opportunities for incubation in your community or region.  Advent GX incubation strategy development services include:

  • Needs assessment
  • Site selection
  • Fund raising support
  • Business development

For more information about our economic development services or to schedule a tour of the Innovation Underground,  contact the IU team at

For additional information regarding our methodology, please refer to the resources below.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

– Experimental Economics
– Bus Plan versus Pilot Models
– Traditional Incubation Versus Reverse Incubation

– Behavioral Economics
– VOC & Customer/Participant Behavioral Factors (Neuroeconomics)

– Opportunistic Models
– Symbiotic Systems
– Balanced Ecosystems & Business Modeling (Business Model Canvas)

– Financial Engineering & Business Analytics
– ASD (AGX Strategy Deployment)

Sustainable Community Development Initiatives

– Economy Ecology Social
– Quality of Life – Psychographic Factors

Example Initiative

Distributed Urban Farming Initiative

Project Video:

Suggested Reading

– The Art of The Start :: Guy Kawasaki
– The Progress Paradox :: Gregg Esterwood

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