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Phase One Begins – Painting and Carpet Install

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Phase one of remodeling begins at the Innovation Underground!  The process of reconstructing rooms starts after a prospective member has signed a new lease agreement and includes the stripping of the old carpet, tile, paint and fixtures.  This phase of the remodeling involves 5 rooms  in particular.  Two of these offices are unoccupied, but the other three are going to be occupied by Blazing Forge Games, Blue22 Energy Solutions, and Rock The Republic.

Blazing Forge Games, an independent game developer founded in 2010, creates RPG-style games for XBOX live and Windows 7 phones.  Blazing Forge Games’ main objective is to bring a new-style of gameplay to established genres.Their titles include Redd: The Lost Temple and Blurball.

Blue 22, also known as Blue Power, is an energy solutions company that licenses specific technology developed by NASA for residential and commercial use.  This powder is so lightweight that it acts as liquid.  Blue 22 combines this additive with paint and uses the new solution to insulate metal buildings and RVs.

Rock The Republic is a live music event held in Downtown Bryan since 2009.  Along with introducing hundreds of new acts from the rock, folk and hip-hop genres, the event also incorporates spoken-word poetry and art into the experience.  Rock The Republic leverages  multiple businesses in the surrounding area by using the venues for performances and vendors while bringing in new dollars to the Historic Downtown scene.

As new members of the Innovation Underground, Blazing Forge Games, Blue 22, and Rock The Republic are able to choose from an array of colors to decorate their accent wall.   Fitting perfectly with the grey carpet, some of the colors include Mirage White, Harvest Brown, and Pottery Red.  After the remodeling is finished, the IU team furnishes the room for the tenant based on preference, need and functionality.

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