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Imani-Africa Joins The IU Network

The Imani-Tumani-Upendo boutique, which means faith-hope-love in Swahili, has made the Innovation Underground their home.  The company is headed by Jenny Jenkins, Rachael Driskill and Kaylene Ullom.  These three women came together to combine three seperate dreams into one vision, the culmination of which would defeat poverty for children and families in Africa.

Aside from throwing the annual M.O.V.E event tasked with outreach and raising awareness for their cause in the B/CS community, the group does mission trips to various locations like Uganda and Kenya to help Christian missionary groups already working in Africa.  A couple of these groups are Healing Faith and Real-4-Christ.  Imani’s ultimate goal is to empower the people of these towns by teaching them trades and giving them much needed support to acquire basic amenities like food, water, and education.

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