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The Texas Reds Festival’s Analytics Survey

The Downtown Bryan Association has teamed up with AdventGX to help improve the Texas Reds Festival.  Particularly, Jose Quintana, Ben Hardeman and Cassidy Barton are spearheading the project which involves the implementation of a 15 to 20 question survey.

The analytic survey was implemented over daytime and nighttime shifts during the event, which took place on October 7th and 8th alongside Downtown Bryan’s First Friday.  Twenty people volunteered to go out onto the streets of Bryan in teams of two.  Equipped with pens, clipboards, and free t-shirts to give away to participants  willing to communicate their experience at Texas Reds.

The 88 surveys taken yielded valuable information that will be used to improved the experience for the dedicated and newcomers alike at next year’s outfit, which will still be held in October but may not go on during First Friday.  Jose Quintana, the President of AdventGX, will present specifics and recommendations based on the survey’s findings to the Downtown Bryan Association.

For more information on the Downtown Bryan Association, please contact Cassidy Barton at  or visit