The Innovation Underground (IU), opened by Advent GX in 2011, is a privately-owned business incubator located in historic downtown Bryan, TX.  Advent GX started the IU to lend support for local, community-based economic development and historic preservation while encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation.

Why Innovation Underground? 

Agility, risk and perseverance are all part of the entrepreneurial experience. Most business incubators are run by public entities that – by their very nature as stewards of public funds – must operate carefully, take the time to engage public input and, often, respond to shifting political will. Advent GX created the IU to meet the need for business incubation at the community level by engaging experienced entrepreneurs in the process of supporting new start ups.

Start at the roots.

Establishing a network for rural revitalization, the Advent GX team helps communities and entrepreneurs. Communities need strategies and systems to foster the entrepreneurs that are so vital to economic restoration and prosperity. Entrepreneurs need sound business plans, financial modeling, mentors, customers and the resources of a strong network to grow their businesses. With more than 25 years of entrepreneurial experience and international engagement, Advent GX brings experience, networks and enthusiasm to communities and entrepreneurs alike.

Services are designed to meet the needs of individual communities and entrepreneurs. So shoot us an email, come for a tour and let’s get the conversation started at the Innovation Underground.

Growth starts here.