IU Hosts Downtown Association Meeting

Notables from the Downtown Bryan Association meet at the Innovation Underground for a presentation going over analytics gathered from a survey conducted by AdventGX for the Texas Reds Festival.  Jose Quintana, the President of AGX, presents the findings of the survey as well as his suggestions on how the event could be improved.

AdventGX was established in 2004 and serves state governments, private industries as well as Texas communities.  With expertise in economic analysis, business development and entrepreneurship, AGX is the perfect candidate to offer this type of information.  In attendance were Ben Hardeman, Cassidy Barton, Chuck Konderla, Greta Watkins, and Kristy Petty amongst many other important figures involved in Downtown Bryan.

During the presentation, President Quintana offers implementation support by honing in on the expected outcomes, economic impact and high-level recommendations for improving the festival.  Some of the main issues were outreach and marketing in the Downtown Bryan community, econometric modeling, and analysis of opportunities.  The direct and indirect feedback of participants of Texas Reds Festival were also points of interest.

Visitors of the festival appreciated the hallmarks of the event, which were the Steak and Wine.  Many people simply supported the fact that the event was an investment in raising awareness for and revitalizing the Downtown Bryan area.  Visit downtownbryan.com for more information on the Downtown Bryan Association. For more information on AdventGX and it’s services, please visit adventgx.com.