IU Hosts Tamu Student Leaders Group

The Innovation Underground hosted a group of student leaders from Texas A&M. The purpose of the visit was to give an in-depth look into the operations of a start-up venture i.e. The Innovation Underground.  Although the IU is a relatively new undertaking, the team behind the IU has over 25 years experience developing businesses.  The class of 20 to 30 students were addressed by Kristy Petty, the owner of the Village Cafe, and Joan Quintana, the director of Marketing for AdventGX.

Joan and Kristy lead student leaders through a tour of the Innovation Underground, explaining every step of the incubation process from selection of room sizes and paint samples to the business development process.  More specifically, Kristy describes her relationship with the IU/AGX team and her excitement over developments seeing her long-standing passion for entrepreneurship.

While touring the future home of the IU’s library and reception venue, Kristy and Joan explain their partnership in bringing awareness to agendas and issues surrounding Downtown Bryan, therefore revitalizing the area and bringing it’s diverse history to the forefront.  The main idea surrounding this goal is to get people re-involved with surrounding areas and to have them experience all the Brazos Valley has to offer.

Along with this effort, The Village Cafe’s main goal is creating awareness of local food, music, and art in the Brazos Valley.  The cafe has permanent and rotating art displays, with new artists being introduced every “First Friday” of the month.  The cafe tables and lounge-type seating allow for the perfect social environment.  For more information on The Village Cafe, please visit thevillagedowntown.com.