IU Presents the Small Business Development Series

If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur or freelancer you have probably found yourself overwhelmed by the multitude and variety of skills required to run a business in today’s highly competitive marketplace. From budgeting time and money to knowing how and when to advertise, the demands on your finite resume of skills and abilities never seem to let up. Just when you think you have a little breathing room, you realize there is some other facet of owning a small business that you have been neglecting.

You are not alone. At the Innovation Underground we have made it our mission to help passionate individuals maneuver through the often-confusing journey to success. We do this by complementing the skills and resources already available to our clients– essentially we fill the gaps. After opening our doors two years ago, two things have become quite obvious. First, small business is thriving in the Brazos Valley and these businesses need more resources. Second, many of the needs these small businesses experience are commonly shared.

These two observations have led the Innovation Underground to launch the Small Business Development Series. Each installation of the series will touch on topics that are relevant to success in business today. Each installment will not only be delivered by leading experts, but also serve as a networking opportunity for the innovators in our region.

The Small Business Development Series kicks off September 17th and will address the importance of social media in business today. Please join us as we bolster and encourage the community of innovators located here in the Bryan/College Station area.

Register before September 1st to receive a $50 discount.