IU Welcomes Guide Buddy

Remember the last time you planned a vacation? Wasn’t it a hassle going through all those forums and guide books? Ever wondered how you could get access to all the unique knowledge about what to do and where to go in a new place without all the trouble? Our friends at Guide Buddy wondered that very thing.

Guide Buddy founders, Saurav, Mani and Cesar, met over the course of the 3 Day Startup entrepreneurship event held at Texas A&M University. They spent two sleepless nights coding and drinking red bull, brainstorming about an online platform that would connect travelers with locals around the world. Being lovers of travel themselves, they were all too familiar with the fear, frustration and complication that goes hand-in-hand with visiting new destinations.

Saurav and Mani spreading the word about Guide Buddy in Austin, TX

We became acquainted with the Guide Buddy team at the same Startup competition, and after watching them slave away for days, and learning about Guide Buddy’s vision for creating an international community for travelers, we wanted to make sure that this great project became a reality. We are excited to welcome Guide Buddy as the newest member of the Innovation Underground and are looking forward to supporting this rapidly growing platform.

Want to get involved? Within just 2 weeks of launching the alpha version, the website has Buddies available in Washington DC, San Francisco, College Station, Austin, New York and even New Delhi, India! Join the global network today by becoming a Buddy or booking a Buddy to show you around on your next adventure.

Happy Traveling! https://guidebuddy.me/