SEAD Gallery Adds Cultural Impact and Sustainability to Innovation Underground

When we opened the Innovation Underground, we planned to find ways to utilize our historic building to generate revenue beyond that earned through primary business incubator operations. In keeping with our focus on creating meaningful cultural and heritage experiences for rural communities, and given the potential of the first floor space of the Federal Building, we decided an art gallery would create a dual purpose space for both art sales and special events.

The idea for SEAD Gallery was born of our ongoing passion for both science and engineering innovation and the arts. Our good friends at the Network for Science, Engineering, Art and Design (SEAD Network) graciously allowed us to borrow their name and establish a venue to explore collaborations across the disciplines of Science, Engineering, Art and Design. Through exhibits and events, Advent GX seeks to encourage innovation and discover new ways to understand and positively impact our communities and our world.

Arts Council of Brazos Valley agreed to partner with us as curators of the gallery, lending their expertise and talent to the exhibitions. With the team in place, we set out to renovate former IRS offices into a space worthy of both visual and performing artist expression. We also sought to visually represent the name SEAD Gallery in a way that would encourage further exploration and even open the door to future collaborations in other fields.

Our in house branding team set out to model a brand identity. The facilities team tacked the space, choosing paint colors and art hanging systems, and Arts Council found an artist who could fill our walls with a dynamic solo exhibition that would draw a crowd.

After about six months of planning and hard labor, the gallery opened with a crowd of area art enthusiasts enjoying the vibrant work of Anguspaul. The solo exhibition features oil on canvas, metal sculpture and pottery. The opening reception provided a venue to showcase Advent GX’s newest technology innovation, ArtInteractive. The iPad app currently in beta, is designed to allow visitors to enjoy artist commentary on each work of art in an exhibition by simply viewing the work through the iPad. The application will enable galleries with limited resources to easily enhance user experiences without need for technical skills.

As more and more communities seek to engage artists and entrepreneurs, SEAD Gallery will provide a model for operations that showcases the unique resources of each community. Advent GX is documenting operational and business plans with an eye toward expansion to other rural markets.

Visit the web site to learn more about SEAD Gallery or contact Advent GX Managing Partner Joan Quintana  at to learn how Advent GX can support your community and economic development efforts.