Welcome, Rare Model


The Innovation Underground would like to welcome our first independent film production, science-fiction short film, Rare Model. Produced and directed by TAMU Visualization students and led by Adam Rothstein, Rare Model is set to be filmed this spring in far West Texas, known for its unique terrain and exotic landscapes.

The short film will be the first of its kind in terms of film production and story writing coming out of Texas A&M. From costume design to visual effects, many aspects of the film will be produced by former and current Texas A&M University students. Stay tuned for updates on the filming of Rare Model and its upcoming release in historic downtown Bryan by following on Facebook and Twitter.

If you are interested in finding out more or supporting this initiative, please contact hannahchilds@adventgx.com

HTS and ResponderX Join Innovation Underground

The Innovation Underground would like to welcome two unique leaders in the safety industry to the business incubator program, Health Technology Solutions (HTS) and ResponderX. Health Technology Solutions is developing a wireless system offering “real-time” statistics to prevent the 90% of unreported sport-related injuries. ResponderX is currently in the development and design phase of a very exciting technology that will allow task forces to track the physical location of workers in quickly changing emergency situations. Each company is a leader in its industry, offering a more efficient take on day-to-day practices.

HTSHealth Technology Solutions offers a platform that combines neuro-muscular mechanisms and adaptation that sense critical physiology levels via electrodes knitted into a fabric. These signals, in addition to details of the person’s movements, are recorded and made available in a consumer-facing application. HTS’ revolutionary technology has been embraced by hockey arenas across the globe, and provides critical information and statistics for pro-athletes.

rxlogoThe purpose of ResponderX’s product is to provide decision-makers with intuitive and real-time information that is not normally available on the emergency scene. Information will include: exact location of personnel, the amount of time personnel has spent inside a hazardous environment, and the availability of personnel for quick tasking. Faster and more effective decision-making will create a reduced risk of death or injury to first responders operating at emergency scenes.

Health Technology Solutions and ResponderX offer frameworks that are flexible enough to be applied to endless practical scenarios. The Innovation Underground is proud to host such creative innovators in the fields of health and safety. To learn more about our revolutionary members, click here.

TripleSTAT accepted to Texas A&M University MBA Venture Challenge

We are excited to announce that TripleSTAT, an IU member company, has recently been accepted to the MBA Venture Challenge at Mays Business School. The Challenge asks teams of MBA students to quickly and effectively evaluate early stage firms, providing a clear, unbiased, and business-oriented evaluation of the businesses’ strengths and weaknesses. MBA students deliver presentations to judges from the business and academic community. A typical firm selected for evaluation in the Challenge is early in its life cycle with between $100k – $5 million in funding raised, and has an interest in an unbiased external assessment of the firm. It is an honor to be selected as a participating company for this program.

TripleSTAT is a 21st century solution to the medical alert bracelet.  Their hope is that not only customers will buy the product but that EMS personnel, nurses, and doctors will actually use them. They are very excited about the opportunity to work with Mays Business School and be a part of the MBA Venture Challenge.


SEAD Gallery Adds Cultural Impact and Sustainability to Innovation Underground

When we opened the Innovation Underground, we planned to find ways to utilize our historic building to generate revenue beyond that earned through primary business incubator operations. In keeping with our focus on creating meaningful cultural and heritage experiences for rural communities, and given the potential of the first floor space of the Federal Building, we decided an art gallery would create a dual purpose space for both art sales and special events.

The idea for SEAD Gallery was born of our ongoing passion for both science and engineering innovation and the arts. Our good friends at the Network for Science, Engineering, Art and Design (SEAD Network) graciously allowed us to borrow their name and establish a venue to explore collaborations across the disciplines of Science, Engineering, Art and Design. Through exhibits and events, Advent GX seeks to encourage innovation and discover new ways to understand and positively impact our communities and our world.

Arts Council of Brazos Valley agreed to partner with us as curators of the gallery, lending their expertise and talent to the exhibitions. With the team in place, we set out to renovate former IRS offices into a space worthy of both visual and performing artist expression. We also sought to visually represent the name SEAD Gallery in a way that would encourage further exploration and even open the door to future collaborations in other fields.

Our in house branding team set out to model a brand identity. The facilities team tacked the space, choosing paint colors and art hanging systems, and Arts Council found an artist who could fill our walls with a dynamic solo exhibition that would draw a crowd.

After about six months of planning and hard labor, the gallery opened with a crowd of area art enthusiasts enjoying the vibrant work of Anguspaul. The solo exhibition features oil on canvas, metal sculpture and pottery. The opening reception provided a venue to showcase Advent GX’s newest technology innovation, ArtInteractive. The iPad app currently in beta, is designed to allow visitors to enjoy artist commentary on each work of art in an exhibition by simply viewing the work through the iPad. The application will enable galleries with limited resources to easily enhance user experiences without need for technical skills.

As more and more communities seek to engage artists and entrepreneurs, SEAD Gallery will provide a model for operations that showcases the unique resources of each community. Advent GX is documenting operational and business plans with an eye toward expansion to other rural markets.

Visit the web site to learn more about SEAD Gallery or contact Advent GX Managing Partner Joan Quintana  at joanquintana@adventgx.com to learn how Advent GX can support your community and economic development efforts.

The Innovation Underground Welcomes TripleSTAT

The next generation medical alert bracelet is now under development at the Innovation Underground. TripleSTAT, the newest member of the Innovation Underground network, is working to develop a consumer product that is more usable for EMS personnel, nurses, and doctors.
TripleSTAT is designing data sharing systems that will ease access to lifesaving information in the event the wearer of the bracelet is unable to communicate to medical providers.Founders Anthony Cumbie and Rebecca Gerren are paramedics and are developing the product based on insights gained through years of service in emergency medicine. Product development and testing is underway so be on the lookout for prototype bracelets coming soon.
Visit www.triplestat.com to learn more or email contact@triplestat.com.

Innovation Underground Featured at Texas Travel Summit

Advent GX Managing Partner Joan Quintana is presenting the Innovation Underground story to Texas tourism professionals this week.  In her presentation titled “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Support of Heritage Preservation” Joan will talk about how Advent GX is combining small business development with heritage preservation and cultural and performing arts to spur economic and tourism development in historic downtown Bryan. The IU is being featured during TTIA’s Innovation Showcase along with SeaWorld’s water conservation programs and USDM’s leadership innovation.

Joan will share the approach and outcomes of the IU’s first year and provide a written case study for those interested in learning more.

New Home and Community Services Provider Ready to Meet Regional Needs

Beautiful Abilities recently received Texas Home and Community Services (HCS), and Texas Home Living contracts for Central Texas. That means founder Phil Haas is now able to realize his dream of providing services and meaningful opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Phil is not new to HCS. He has been serving individuals with intellectual disabilities for more than 25 years. Phil helped major providers develop innovative programs and operations that enhanced the quality of care while maximizing the bottom line. He has served as the President of the Private Provider Association of Texas and as a State Representative for ANCOR, the national provider association. In short, Phil understands the business and he’s passionate about serving.

That’s why we’re so pleased to have Beautiful Abilities as a member of the Innovation Underground. Phil is working to develop innovative approaches to community based care. He’s developing partnerships and programs that will provide for meaningful day programming and unique home living services. And he’s doing all of it with a focus on financial sustainability.

As the name implies, Beautiful Abilities is focused on celebrating and maximizing the abilities of each individual served. The company will actively seek employment opportunities for those who want to work in their communities. They are also building entrepreneurial enterprises that will both focus on work best suited to their clients and add sustainability to the services.

In some senses, Beautiful Abilities is a start-up of start-up micro enterprises. Agriculture production, food services, hospitality and other businesses can offer ideal settings and meaningful work for adults with intellectual disabilities. So, in addition to providing quality home services, Beautiful Abilities is working to create community opportunities right here in central Texas. To learn more, visit Beautiful Abilities online.