New Home and Community Services Provider Ready to Meet Regional Needs

Beautiful Abilities recently received Texas Home and Community Services (HCS), and Texas Home Living contracts for Central Texas. That means founder Phil Haas is now able to realize his dream of providing services and meaningful opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Phil is not new to HCS. He has been serving individuals with intellectual disabilities for more than 25 years. Phil helped major providers develop innovative programs and operations that enhanced the quality of care while maximizing the bottom line. He has served as the President of the Private Provider Association of Texas and as a State Representative for ANCOR, the national provider association. In short, Phil understands the business and he’s passionate about serving.

That’s why we’re so pleased to have Beautiful Abilities as a member of the Innovation Underground. Phil is working to develop innovative approaches to community based care. He’s developing partnerships and programs that will provide for meaningful day programming and unique home living services. And he’s doing all of it with a focus on financial sustainability.

As the name implies, Beautiful Abilities is focused on celebrating and maximizing the abilities of each individual served. The company will actively seek employment opportunities for those who want to work in their communities. They are also building entrepreneurial enterprises that will both focus on work best suited to their clients and add sustainability to the services.

In some senses, Beautiful Abilities is a start-up of start-up micro enterprises. Agriculture production, food services, hospitality and other businesses can offer ideal settings and meaningful work for adults with intellectual disabilities. So, in addition to providing quality home services, Beautiful Abilities is working to create community opportunities right here in central Texas. To learn more, visit Beautiful Abilities online.